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  • Restaurant Roko Restaurant Roko

    Our restaurant is situated in the centre of lungomare. Works proudly for 30 years. With pleasant personel and top service we offer you over 100 meals in our menu. From local to international, from grilled steaks with fabolous sauces over to rissotos to fair fish specialities. Here in every moment you will sense the real dalmatian moode.

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  • Villa Roko Villa Roko

    Nova Villa Roko zasjala je visoko na nebu najbolje ponude koju može ponuditi Hrvatska. Smještena u pitoresktnoj Podgori, ova kuća sa bazenom, nikako vas nemože ostaviti ravnodušnim. Izgrađena davnih dana težačkim rukama vrijednih Podgorskih seljaka i obnovljena nasljednicima koji su iz nje izvukli najbolje iz tradicije i oplemenili je novim uređenjem naslanjajući se na ono izvorno.

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  • Podgora Podgora

    Throughout its long history, all the way since antiquity until the very present day, life in Podgora went on with the sea and for the sea, without ever questioning the unigque harmony resulting from its inherent differences: from the beautiful mountain still keeping the secrets of ancient hamlets, through terraced vineyards, olive-groves and pastures that have been a pledge of Podgora¨s culture and well-being for centuries, all the way to the high seas attracting generations of its inhabitants, famous seamen and fishermen.The challenge of the sea has left a strong mark on the temperament of Podgora s people, as well as become incorporated into its architecture.

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